Don’t Overthink It.
Simple to say,
often tricky to do.

About Lunar
Well that escalated quickly. What started in 2016 as a simple idea: ‘Let’s build a comfortable, flexible, vibrant studio space for creatives to work in’, quickly became a life-consuming project.

A creative future
We care about our impact on the planet. After investments have been repaid, we will dedicate a percentage of profits to the funding of local and global good causes and continue to subsidise creative workshops to encourage people to keep on making and do-ing.

A veggie affair
Something that is quite important to us is the encouragement of new ideas and future thinking. Because of this, we’re encouraging this to be a vegetarian space. We welcome vegetables of all colours, shapes and sizes. Even swedes.

The Lunar Voyage
I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director and needed a space to work that wasn’t my bedroom so decided to build one in a disgusting old warehouse space on Hackney Road. It was a ridiculously huge project that I didn’t realise would be so big but ended up completing it in March and Lunar HQ was born. It’s a creative co-working space that has a pop-up shop available to rent and plays host to workshops and other ‘no screen time’ activities. Let’s make something fun!